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Baum Sigman Auerbach & Neuman, Ltd. was founded in 1963 making it one of the oldest law firms in Chicago that specializes in representing union and Taft-Hartley fringe benefit funds.  Since our inception, we have maintained our commitment to working men and women who comprise organized labor, and those employers who recognize them.  In line with that commitment, we strive to protect the benefits gained by the labor movement, as they relate to unions, Taft-Hartley fringe benefit funds, and the individual worker.

We practice in the areas of employee benefits, ERISA compliance, labor law, employment law, and workers' compensation law.  We represent our clients in litigation before federal and state courts, administrative agencies, and arbitrators.  We also provide comprehensive services to our clients, including management and planning services that are a result of tested experience, and imperative to the success of a labor union and Taft-Hartley fund in today's world of economic and political uncertainty.

The overlapping experience that Baum Sigman attorneys have in the areas of ERISA, labor law, and employment law, provides our clients with the benefit of comprehensive legal services.  We are responsive to concerns and goals that are unique to our clients.

As advocates for our clients,

...we remain committed to the labor movement and strive, in the most efficient manner possible, to obtain results that are in the best interest of our clients.

As protectors of our clients,

...we aggressively respond to threats of liability and focus on practice solutions for limiting risks of exposure to liability.

As counsellors to our clients,

...we focus on tailoring our services to the specific needs of each client, taking the time to discuss concerns and goals, and provide to them all available legal and practical options.